Material: High Quality EPP

Wingspan: 1080mm (42.50'')

Length: 600mm (23.60'')

Motor: 70mm with 2849-2550kv brushless motor

ESC: Hobbywing 60A w/5v 5A BEC

Servos: 25g * 3PCS metal gear servo

Recommended Battery: Lipo 4S 3200-3500mAh

Auto Launch

1. Engage launch model
2. Throttle Position 50%
3. Shake V2 & Launch into Wind


1. Engage RTH Mode
2. V2 will turn a circle above home point

Circle / Loiter

1. Engage circle / Loiter mode
2. V2 will circle using GPS coordinates and circle


Key Features

3 piece moulded EPP airframe
Integrated servo release system
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Circle/Loiter Mode
Carbon Fibre winglets
S Bigger cockpit space for flexibility in battery choice
Skinskid - Optional
Fully modular design

Exhaust Lure


  • Material: High Quality EPP
  • Wingspan: 1080 mm
  • Width: 600mm(23,6")
  • Weight: 980grms
  • EDF: 70mm
  • Motor: 2845 KV2750
  • ESC: 60Amp
  • Winglets: Carbon Fibre
  • Servo: 25gr metal gear digital
  • Recommended Battery: Lipo 4S 3200-3500mAh

The system is versatile and can be used by beginners and professionals. In order to ensure the correct and safe use of this product, please read this manual carefully before use. Due to constant improvements in software and hardware this manual may change over time. The information contained in this manual is subject to change without notice. Visit our website for the most up to date information.