$ 1,300.00


The third generation Berghwing V2 comes in a convenient 3 piece moulded EPP(Expanded Poly Propylene) design, making it an affordable unit to ship and a convenient Falconry conditioning tool to have in your everyday Falconry toolbox. The latest in our lineup boast incredible advancements in the Autopilot department, with the game changing 'Autolaunch' mode, with a simple shake and throw, you're V2 will be airborne and circling above your in less that 10 sec. Making it the perfect tool for those Falconers that do not have an assistant, or the first time pilot breaking the ice - look no further, help has arrived.

A returning feature is the ever helpful Return To Home, with a flick of a switch in any situation you have your trusty circling above your head in no time at all - no more fly aways.

Circle mode or Loiter mode, comes in super handy for the hardcore Falconers, with a flick of the switch your V2 will orbit and circle around the precise coordinate holding altitude and location for conditioning your high flying Game Hawks.

Another game changing inclusion is our new servo release system, located in the cockpit and connects to the lure line with the new rod attachment via the internal tubular towing point, no more exposed and damaged servos on hard landings.

Lastly we have the introduction of the Skinskid - ground breaking protective skin expertly designed and shaped to follow the contours and attached to the undercarriage of your V2 protecting it from hard and harsh landings.

An all round, one of a kind conditioning tool built by Falconers for Falconers.

Material High Quality EPP
Wingspan 1080mm (42.50''
Length 600mm (23.60'')
Motor 70mm with 2849-2550kv brushless motor
ESC Hobbywing 60A w/5v 5A BEC
Servos 25g * 3PCS metal gear servo
Recommended Battery Lipo 4S 3200-3500mAh
Key Features
3 piece moulded EPP airframe
Integrated servo release system
Return to Home
Circle/Loiter Mode
Carbon Fibre winglets
Bigger cockpit space for flexibility in battery choice
Skinskid - Optional
Fully modular design